90 euro per 1 hour session in studio or online.


Frequently Asked Questions

The first meeting, can be done by phone or online. It is free and it can takes up to 15 minutes. The length of the initial consultation depends on the specific situation. After this we can plan our first in person session in studio or online.

Sessions will be charged at full price when cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

I only accept private payment. Please take note that I am not part of the German statutory health insurance system, but some private insurances cover the costs of the sessions. However, I do not deal directly with your insurance company. You pay and then request reimbursement from the company. If you are with a private health insurance, please contact your insurance company to find out whether psychotherapy is covered by your contract and if so, how many sessions. 

I follow the code of conduct and ethical principles applying to psychologists. It includes confidentiality, integrity, professional and scientific responsibility. All personal information and the content of our discussions are handled with confidentiality. 

Free Consultation

The first free meeting can be done by phone (also whatsapp) or online.